Why Should You Choose Bi-Fold Doors?

Are you looking for distinguishing your property with a stylish type of door matched to your needs and need professionals to do it for you? Let us present you our great Bi-Fold type doors and give you the reason why you should consider this option.

Particularly suited for new-build projects, these designer folding doors are becoming increasingly popular as property developers seek to differentiate their homes. It’s perfectly sealed against the elements too, with square-edge doors creating a weather-tight fit. To maximise the area of glass and the amount of natural light this door system has narrow panel gaps, which also enhances its visual appeal.

In our climate, the most fundamental factor which determines selection is energy efficiency. The wooden Balcony Sliding doors have frame thickness and energy-saving, insulated triple glazing package allowing the doors to obtain outstanding heat transfer coefficient for pine door, coming to Uw=1,00 W/m2K.

The ability to use larger dimensions than in the case of traditional windows enhances the impression of “open space”, and interiors, filled with natural light, become bright, increasing the dwelling comfort is a modern, practical, simply ideal solution, usually used as a terrace entrance.

What Are The Features Of Bi-Fold Doors?

-The energy-saving, hoisted-sliding balcony door is the best way to get close to nature while staying at home.
-Effortlessly connect your outdoor and indoor spaces
-Once folded back, they create a large opening for easy access,
-Excellent ventilation and thermal control,
-Modern and stylish look,
-Options of material, colour and finish to choose from,
-Individually design for your property,

Bi-fold door system offers smooth, pure functionality, with a bottom-rail concertina mechanism, rather than a top-hung system. Many of our client fall in love with this type. So if you find interest with this option get in touch with us, and we will provide you with more details.

When orders your doors from us you will get Installation service for free!

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